Dignified and pleasing in shape, these teapots and teacups are produced through the fusion of traditional and modern techniques.

Kata is a series of teapots and teacups.

The motif of these teapots, which are dignified and pleasantly round in shape, is based on the kanbin, a traditional Japanese vessel for warming sake. They hold a generous 800 ml of hot water or tea and their spouts are shaped so as to prevent dripping using the traditional teapot shape. The handle is made of stainless steel and has been manufactured using modern precision metalworking techniques and finished in Tsubame-Sanjō in Niigata Prefecture.

The lid can be inverted to serve as a tea leaf holder or hooked onto the rim of the teapot, ensuring a clean and tidy table while pouring. A stainless-steel tea strainer is included for added convenience.
KATA teacups and saucers are made using a special technique that produces an eggshell porcelain which is light and thin like paper. The cups have a hemispherical shape that allows the color of the tea to be seen clearly and pairs well with the teapot, adding to the tea drinking experience.

The series is developed with an awareness of tea culture in mind and includes a traditional pattern of overlapping circles that mimics lace and simple white, jade green, and cherry blossom colors.

Teapot with stainless strainer.


  1. KATA Teapot TengeNJ02-001 / ¥ 30,000.
  2. KATA Teacup&Saucer TengeNJ07-001 / ¥ 10,000.
  3. KATA Teapot NagikaNJ02-002 / ¥ 30,000.
  4. KATA Teacup&Saucer NagikaNJ07-002 / ¥ 10,000.
  5. KATA Teacup&Saucer SuiuNJ07-003 / ¥ 8,000.
  6. Teapot KATA HakuroNJ02-004 / ¥ 28,000.
  7. KATA Teacup&Saucer HakuroNJ07-004 / ¥ 8,000.
  8. KATA Teapot KaunNJ02-005 / ¥ 28,000.
  9. KATA Teacup&saucer KaunNJ07-005 / ¥ 8,000.