"New Japanese Interior"

NISHIKAWA JAPAN is a teaware brand that offers a combination of traditional Japanese tea utensils and modern designs under the concept of "a new Japanese interior." In this case, "interior" refers to the practice of arranging and decorating rooms and items according to the season and occasion. This practice, along with the practice of hospitality, has been passed down as an important aesthetic sense within the Japanese tea ceremony. Additionally, a more modern interpretation of "interior" includes creating small moments of celebration in daily life through free thinking and creative practice.

Through our teaware, we want to share the timeless richness of Japan's tea culture and its underlying universal values with people around the world. To achieve this, we have carefully selected outstanding products from traditional crafts and industries practiced in regions throughout Japan and combined them with modern sensibilities and techniques.

Please enjoy the assured quality of our products, which have been refined over many years, as well as the beauty of their traditional Japanese aesthetics, which seamlessly integrate into the simple act of drinking a cup of tea.


  1. KATADignified and pleasing in shape, these teapots and teacups are produced through the fusion of traditional and modern techniques.
  2. YOO / Coaster & Tea StrainerDelicate and elegant, these dual-purpose stainless-steel coasters feature plant motifs.