YOO / Coaster & Tea Strainer

Delicate and elegant, these dual-purpose stainless-steel coasters feature plant motifs.

YOO coasters are made of stainless steel etched in the shape of a leaf. The etching technique is capable of reproducing even the finest details, and depicts the leaves of the tea, gingko, and grape plants by tracing their every detail, even down to the veins of the leaves. These coasters bring a touch of elegance to your table setting.
In addition to these three leaves, we also sell a version that features the tea flowers which serve as the NISHIKAWA JAPAN logo.

The fine details of these leaves also serve as excellent tea strainers.


  1. YOO Coaster TealeafNJ08-001 / ¥ 2,750.
  2. YOO Coaster GinkgoNJ08-002 / ¥ 2,750.
  3. YOO Coaster GrapeNJ08-003 / ¥ 2,750.
  4. YOO Coaster Tea FlowerNJ08-004 / ¥ 2,750.